The Men on the S-51

The following is a list of men who were on the S-51 on that fateful night. The list is taken from the New York Times, September 27, 1925, page 2.

Name & Office						Residence

Geier, Alfred. Electrician's mate, 2nd class. New Bedford, Mass.
Kile, Dewey G. Engineman, 1st class. Peoria, Miss.
Lira, Michael. Fireman, 1st class. St. Louis, Mo.

The three survivors, left to right:
Dewey G. Kile, Michael E. Lira,
and Alfred Geier.

Lost Officers:
Dobson, Lieutenant Rodney H. Commanding officer. Brockport, Conn.
Foster, Lieutenant Jr. Grade Frederic David Nutley, N. J.
Glasscock, Lieutenant Jr. Grade T.A. San Antonio, Texas
Haselden, Lieutenant Jr. Grade James Dudley Dillon, SC
Pino, Lieutenant Jr. Grade Harlow Milton Long Beach, Cal.
Egbert, Ensign Edmund Webster Mariner's Harbor, NY

The lost officers, left to right:
Pino, Foster, Haselden, Egbert, and
Commander Rodney H. Dobson.
(Glasscock not pictured.)

Lost Enlisted Men:
Berk, Paul Daniel. Engineman, 2nd class. Shoemakersville, Pa.
Cassidy, Ralph Edward. Gunner's mate, 2nd class. Claremont, NH
Crawford, Henry Lee. Radio man, 1st class. Ardmore, Okla.
Earle, Allan Clifford. Engineman, 1st class. Gloucester, Mass.
Elser, Harry Dick. Coxswain. Columbus, Ohio
Firm, Rudy. Motor machinist's mate, 1st class. Klein, Mont.
Gibson, John Law. Engineman, 2nd class. Portland, Ore.
Hiltbold, Valentin. Chief torpedo man. Newport, RI
James, Franklin Pierce. Chief motor machinist's mate. Stratford, Conn.
Lawton, Walter Edward. Electrician's mate, 1st class. N. Weymouth, Mass.
Lindsay, Brady Domono. Engineman, 2nd class. Pensacola, Fla.
Martin, George Henry. Officers' Cook, 2nd class. Philadelphia, Pa.
McCarthy, John Joseph. Seaman, 1st class. New York, NY
Milot, Oscar Joseph. Fireman, 3rd class. Graniteville, Mass.
Mims, Frank Lester. Fireman, 3rd class. Augusta, Ga.
Noble, Robert S. Motor machinist's mate, 3rd class. Merrimac, Mass.
Schofield, James Marland. Radio man, 1st class. Bridgeport, Conn.
Shea, Frank Archibald. Electrician's mate, 1st class. Gloucester, Mass.
Sheehan, John Joseph. Motor machinist's mate, 1st class Groton, Conn.
Smith, Augustus Alexander. Torpedo man, 2nd class. Milton, Fla.
Snyder, Herbert Eadleman. Chief signal man. Philadelphia, Pa.
Teschemacher, Frederick Peter. Seaman, 1st class. Bangor, Pa.
Teschemacher, William Charles. Seaman, 1st class. Bangor, Pa.
Thomas, Charles Carrol. Fireman, 2nd class. El Paso, Texas
Triffit, Stephen Hartley. Torpedo man, 3rd class. Pawtucket, RI
Wills, Robert Holland. Torpedo man, 1st class. Norfolk, Va.
Wiseman, Frank Collins. Torpedo man, 3rd class. S. Boston, Mass.

Not on patrol that night:
Harmon, Walter Edward. Seaman, 1st class. Jamaica, NY.
(This information corrected by Brendan J. McGuirk, godson of Harmon.)

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