Grandpa's Navy Daze

A peek at the life of an Oklahoma sailor


amfun.jpg (8982 bytes)

"Morning fun!"


capebuddies.jpg (12524 bytes)

Henry with his buddies at Cape Lookout, N.C.

holdup.jpg (10065 bytes)


"A misled holdup"


wavesbuddies.jpg (17730 bytes)

"Buddies of the waves"


tricks.jpg (8488 bytes)

"Statue of Tricks"


henrycar.jpg (10769 bytes)

Taken at Cape Lookout, N.C.


train.jpg (11719 bytes)

"Ending it all... and still smiling!"


These photos were obtained from Henry's sister Effie's scrapbook. Effie's daughters visited me recently, and were kind enough to let me scan some of the photos from their mother's scrapbook. I never knew my grandfather was such a clown until I saw these pictures! Since I never knew him, it is wonderful to have this little peek into his life and learn more about his personality.

All captions in quotation marks are the original captions found in Effie's scrapbook.

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