S-51 Photo Gallery

Salvaging Room

The photos in this room were submitted by Tony Santore. Tony has done a lot of research on one of the divers involved in the S-51 salvage efforts, Rear Admiral Richard E. Hawes.
Tony spent time with Hawes' son and daughter in the early 1980's. They led him to a trunk with Hawes' papers and photographs, which had been mislaid until Tony's visit. They found the trunk in the hayloft of a long unused barn, where the trunk had been open, its contents scattered all around the loft, exposed to the weather and vandals. Everything was weatherbeaten, dirty, and water-logged.
Hawes' son and daughter gave Tony everything as-is. Tony spent months restoring the photographs and saving the papers. Some were damaged beyond restoration, while others were restored to almost new condition.
The photos in this room of the gallery are the result of Tony's diligent efforts in restoring Hawes' personal photographs of the S-51 salvage operations. Thank you Tony!!

Trying to secure a runaway pontoon.

"Another scene of the pontoons with bow of sub in sight.
June 28?, 1926."

Photo, possibly taken from the USS Falcon,
of two ships towing the S-51 and pontoons under a bridge,
probably in New York Harbor.

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