S-51 Photo Gallery

Main Room

The pictures below are copies of photographs from the National Archives.

Above: S-51 (left) and S-50 (right)

Above: S-51 (photo dated May 25, 1922)

Above: A model of the S-51 submitted by the owner, Jeffrey Hughes.
The model is a period piece, attributed to Simon Lake. It is approximately
2 3/4 ft. in length and 1 1/3 ft. in height and has many moving parts.
It was constructed by an employee of Lake and was supposedly a showpiece in Simon Lake's office.

The pictures below are made available by Ric Hedman, who maintains a great historic submarine website,
Through the Looking Glass: A Photo Essay, 1900 to 1940.

Above: The S-51 on launch day, August 20, 1921.
Built by the Lake Torpedo Boat Company. Flag says "Lake".

Above and below: The S-51 at sea, 1924.

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