How I Found My Lost Relatives

I had been tracing the line on my maternal grandfather's side for only a few months without much luck. I had been able to find some information on my grandfather, Henry Lee Crawford, and a lot of information on the submarine accident in which he died, but not a lot of information about his family. After having lost contact with his family since 1932, I knew that the only chance I had of finding them now, or any of his relatives, was to create a home page on the internet and hope that someone would see it who could lead me to his family. This site was created in January of 1996.

All of the information I have found would not have been possible without Cindy Wooley in Ardmore, Oklahoma, who saw this site in January 1997, and who found funeral records for some of my grandfather's family, providing me with the correct names, as well as photographs of tombstones from the family plot in Rose Hill Cemetery. After receiving this information, with new leads on my grandfather's mother's parents, the Orrells, I added this to my web site.

A few months later, Bob Orrell, who saw this page, sent me seven generations of information on the Orrells. While he was not directly related, he led me to Ken Glasscock, who was another Orrell researcher, and whose mother turned out to be my grandfather's cousin! Ken also sent me pictures of my grandfather's family which I had never seen! Some of these are now posted on the family group pages. Ken also sent me the genealogical data he had compiled, with some additional information on other lines. He gave me the address of a cousin in California, who was supposedly living near my grandfather's youngest sister, Blanche.

After writing the cousin, I received a note back from her in July 1997 with Blanche's address. I immediately wrote her, and later my mother called her and spoke with her for the first time in her life. We also discovered that her older sister, Lorene (called Rene) is still living. All of this took only 18 months from the time I first created this site. I seriously doubt I could have found Blanche and her sister, Lorene, in such a short amount of time if I had not utilized the internet, and if it had not been for such kind people willing to help me.

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