Francis Marion Orrell Family

Francis Marion Orrell

(b. 12/1833 in Rowan Co., NC; m. abt. 1853; d. ?)

Mary Emily Ballew

(b. 01/1837 or 1839? in TN or MS; d. ?)


Mary E. Orrell
(b. 1856 in AR; d. ?)

William Bruce Orrell
(b. 12/02/1856 in MO; m. 03/31/1878 in Yell Co., AR to Clarinda Isabella Nooner; d. 1897 in AR.)

Joseph (Joe) Ballew Orrell
(b. abt. 1857 in AR; d. ?)

Jack Orrell
(b. abt. 1857 in AR; d. ?)

John Orrell
(b. abt. 1858 in AR; d. ?)

George Orrell
(b. abt. 1859 in NC; d. ?)

Dilley Orrell
(b. abt. 1860 in Garland Co., AR; d. ?)

Martha Orrell
(b. 1867 in CA; d. ?)

Robert Orrell
(b. 10/1874 in Garland Co., AR; m. 1895 in AR to A.M.(b. 1877 in AR)- had 1 child which did not live; d. 1901/1902 in NM while working on a chain gang.)

Dora Marion Orrell
(b. 08/1878 or 1879 in Garland Co., AR; m. after 1900 in AR to Henry Riley; d. ?)

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