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Charles Duvé Love

Love Family Found!
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Fred B. Love

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Effie Crawford Love

      I recently found my long lost Crawford relatives, which led me to my grandfather's nieces, Donna Kay and Judy. Now they need my help, and yours, in finding their long lost Love relatives. Their mother, Effie Crawford, who was my grandfather's sister, married Charles Duvé Love on May 15, 1932 in Ardmore, OK. Duvé was 26 years old when they married, so we estimate that he was probably born around 1906. They were married a second time on November 13, 1937 in Oklahoma City, OK, and were divorced after the second marriage on June 22, 1948. Donna Kay and Judy were both very small when their parents divorced, so they know almost nothing about their father. Below is some updated information I found on the 1920 Soundex for Oklahoma, as well as some marriage records I found through the Oklahoma GenWeb site.

Father: Fred Byron Love (b. abt. 1882 in TX, d. ?; His father was John R. Love.)
Mother: Mattie C. Culbertson (b. abt. 1884, m. 5 Oct. 1902 in Carter Co.?, OK (lived in Oakland, OK at time of marriage), d. ?)
John Foy Love (b. abt. 1905 in OK, d.?; J. Foy was living in Clay City or St. Elmo, Illinois around 1940-41.)
Charles Duvé Love (b. abt. 1906 in OK, d. abt.1955) Duvé worked for the             National Supply Co. in Illinois.
Jessie C. Love (b. abt. 1908 in OK, d.?)
Annie M. Depew (2nd Wife of Fred B. Love) (b. abt. 1893 in TX, m. 8 Feb 1913 in Garvin Co., OK, d.?)
Edna P. Love (b. abt. 1915 in OK, d.?)
Onida L. Love (b. abt. 1917 in OK, d.?)
Marguretete J. Love (b. abt. 1920 in OK, d.?)

Donna and Judy were both born in Effingham, Illinois, but moved with their mother to California after the divorce. The Love's may have had relatives in Florida, or they may have been from there instead of Illinois originally. That is uncertain.

If anyone has any information or possible connections with this Love Family, please contact me at taraguthrie@yahoo.com. Any information whatsoever will be greatly appreciated!

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Duvé Love

This photo was dated April 25, 1934 and was taken in Florida 2 years after Duvé and Effie were married.

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Effie and Duvé Love

This photo was dated October 21, 1936 and was taken in Ardmore, OK. (Stamped Web Studio on back.)

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