NEW - Coming Soon!

I have been in the process of converting previous concert tapes from VHS to MP3 files so that they are Internet accessible.
They are all loaded on YouTube now. I just need to find time to add the links to each concert page here.
In the meantime, feel free to go to my YouTube channel to view selections from my previous concerts there.

Upcoming Concerts

I do not have any upcoming concerts at this time as I am looking for a new classical pianist.
I am also looking for a classical guitarist for a concert idea I have.
If you are a classical pianist or a classical guitarist and live in or near the Morehead City, NC area,
please contact me at my email address below if you would be interested in performing together. Thanks!

Previous Concerts

"Hooray for Hollywood!" September 16, 2006
"Eine Kleine Deutsch Musik" November 18, 2005
"Yesterdays" August 28, 2004
"Songs of the Heart" November 1, 2003
"An Evening of Folk" October 26, 2002
"Ain't It a Pretty Night?" October 19, 2001
"Music for a While" October 20, 2000

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