Vicente FernŠndez

Vicente FernŠndez is known as the King of Ranchera Music for his generation. He has been singing and recording music for about 40 years. His son, Alejandro FernŠndez, is also a famous ranchera singer.

Father and son ranchera singers, Vicente and Alejandro FernŠndez.

Below are links to some videos of Vicente singing. Click on a title to view the video on YouTube.

Title of Song Description
"Estos Celos" Very popular song from his recent CD, Para Siempre, released in 2007. I heard this song a lot when I was in Mexico.
"Para Siempre" Official video of the title song from the same CD.
"Amor de los Dos" (Duet) Duet sung by Vicente and his son, Alejandro, live in concert.

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