Las Telenovelas en México

(The TV Soap Operas in Mexico)

                The soap operas in Mexico are a little different than in the United States in that they have a definite beginning and ending, and run for a much shorter length of time. Consequently, they are much faster paced. So if you miss a couple of episodes or a week, you can get lost because the plot can change so quickly. Many of them air at night so everyone can watch them, men and women alike. I began watching one about a month before my trip to Mexico so that I could practice my Spanish listening skills. I also watched it a little while I was in Mexico. But the episodes were six weeks ahead of where they were here in the U.S. So I missed some of the plot in between there. However, I found that someone had put all of the episodes (all 110 of them) on YouTube! So after I got back from my trip, I would watch some of the episodes ahead of time to find out what was going to happen! This was a really interesting telenovela, and some fans of the soap have said that it was the best Mexican telenovela ever. I couldn't agree more!

My favorite Mexican telenovela is:

The plot: Lorena and Sara grew up together in an orphanage, and loved each other as sisters. One day, Lorena leaves the orphanage with dreams of becoming a chef, and to own her own restaurant. After Lorena leaves for culinary school in Mexico City, Sara steals money from the orphanage, as well as the files on her and Lorena. She discovers that she was abandoned in a garbage dumpster, while Lorena was abandoned for no reason by her millionaire grandmother, Hortensia Armendariz. Sara has the records forged so that it shows she is the millionaire's granddaughter, and that Lorena was abandoned in the garbage dumpster instead of her. Sara then replaces the files in the orphanage and runs away to pose as Hortensia's long-lost granddaughter, never dreaming that she would cross paths with Lorena again. When she does, she makes it her primary goal to rob every happiness from Lorena, including her fiancé (a doctor named Alonzo), her family, as well as trying to sabotage her culinary studies and her career. Sara will stop at nothing, even murder, to try to destroy Lorena's happiness, and to secure her position in the Armendariz empire.

Will Lorena discover what Sara has done? Will she ever find out who her parents are? Will Lorena and Alonzo get a second chance at happiness together? Or will someone else steal Lorena's heart? Find out in Querida Enemiga ("Dear Enemy")!

Visit the Querida Enemiga official website.

Visit YouTube to watch episodes of this telenovela. (Note: Title is abbreviated to simply "QE" in the playlists.)

Or see the intro and trailer below.

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If you don't speak Spanish, or if you are just learning Spanish, below are some Mexican telenovela spoofs for beginners from YouTube. There are two episodes of "Que hora es?" (What time is it?) and one of "Un hombre, dos mujeres" (One man, two women). Enjoy!


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