Las Iglesias de 

San Miguel de Allende

(The Churches of San Miguel de Allende)

This section has photos of two churches I saw in San Miguel: La Parroquía and Iglesia de San Francisco.

Inscription near the entrance of La Parroquía.


La Parroquía is made of local cantera sandstone. Using postcards as a guide, Gutiérrez designed this church in the late 19th century with a Gothic look. Since the postcards only showed the front of European Gothic cathedrals, he had no idea what the back of the cathedrals looked like. So the back side of the church was done in traditional Mexican style.

The main altar in La Parroquía has changed over the years. It has a Neoclassical feel to it with the Corinthian columns.


Madonna and child statue in La Parroquía.


The gilded wood altar of a side chapel of La Parroquía was not re-designed as the main altar was.


This church, the Iglesia de San Francisco, has one of Guanajuato state's finest churrigueresque facades (referring to José Churriguera, a 17th-century Baroque Spanish architect). 

A fuller view of the Iglesia de San Francisco with the bell tower. Built in the late 18th century, this church was financed by donations from wealthy patrons and bullfight revenues.


A closer view of the facade. At the very top is the image of Saint Francis of Assisi.

This is a small altar near the entrance of the Iglesia de San Francisco. The church was packed when we arrived, so we couldn't go in any farther. And since the lighting was not very good, I couldn't get a decent picture of the main altar.

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