Sin Bandera

Leonel Garcia (right) of Mexico, and Noel Schajris (left) of Argentina were two solo performers who teamed up in 2000 to form the very popular Latin pop duo, Sin Bandera (pronounced seen bahn-'deh-rah, which means "Without Flag"). Their self-titled album debuted in 2001, followed by De Viaje in 2003. While their music is classified as Latin pop, you can hear various influences in some of their music, including Motown, jazz, and a little hip-hop. I have to admit that I was not immediately struck by their music when I was first introduced to it by a friend. But the more I listen to their music, the more interesting and impressionable it becomes to me, and I have grown to love it. They write some very beautiful ballads, and their voices blend very well. I have included links to some of my favorites of their songs on YouTube below. Click on a title in the list to see each video.

Title of Song Description
"Mientes Tan Bien" A completely acoustic version, performed on guitars only. This is one of my favorites.
"Entra En Mi Vida" This ballad was their first big hit single, and also the theme song for a Mexican telenovela. They remade the song several times over in different styles. This is the original pop version. 
"Kilómetros" Another big Latin pop hit.
"De Viaje" Title song from their second album. Live performance.
"Que Lloro" Also from their second album.
"Si Tu No Estas" Ballad from their 2006 album, Pasado.
"Para Alcanzarte" Upbeat song from their first album. This one has more Latin flavor than some of the others.
"Si Me Besas" Another upbeat song from their first album.

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