Sierra de Lobos

("Mountain Range of Wolves")

                The mountains on the outskirts of León are called the Sierra de Lobos (pronounced see-EH-rrah day LOH-bohs), or the Mountain Range of Wolves. I went here on a picnic with my friends one afternoon. We didn't see any wolves, but we saw a lot of cows (or "vacas" - pronounced VAH-cahs). This was a beautiful area in the country for a picnic. We went hiking through the adjacent woods after we ate. Below are some of the photos of this area.

A nearby house where we had our picnic.


Another view from our picnic spot.


In the distance, some unexpected visitors arrive and crash our picnic!


   A friend of the cows shows up to guide them home.    We followed them for a sneak peek at where they live.


"How does my hide look?"

"Are you following me? If you are, do you have any leftovers??"


"Don't you get tired of eating this grass, Betina?"


"Let's stop and get something to drink."


"I'm ready to go home."


Leaving the Sierra de Lobos. A view from the road. Notice, there are no guard rails on this mountain road!


Another view of the mountains just before sunset.


A look into the valley.


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