La Música de México y Más 

(The Music of Mexico and More)

Los Mariachis

          This section of the website is dedicated to the music of Mexico, and a few other things. When I visited Mexico, I thought I would be able to find sheet music by some popular singers there whose music I like. However, I didn't have much success. Being in a large city such as León, there were quite a few music stores. But their selections of sheet music were very wanting. Most of the sheet music for voice and piano was of American popular songs that had been translated into Spanish. The Mexican popular music, particularly for the artists I was looking for, was published in music magazines. So it only had the lyrics and the guitar chords, but no music notes. If you had never heard the song before, you wouldn't know the melody. I finally concluded that most Mexicans probably do not read music (except those living or studying in or near large cultural and arts centers), and so the music magazines were probably sufficient for most people who play. I did manage to find a song book of traditional music that had the melody lines, lyrics, and guitar chords. So I did buy that. I have included the music for a few songs from this song book (in PDF) below, which are in the public domain. 

          The links on the left will give you more information about some different types of music in Mexico. I have included videos or sound files in each of the sections for your enjoyment. I have also included information and video links about some of popular musicians in Mexico. Be sure to check out their music!

          Finally, I have included a section about Mexican telenovelas, or short soap operas. I found one that was airing here that I really liked. So I watched it to practice my Spanish listening skills. I have to say that the Mexican telenovelas are much more interesting and faster paced than American soap operas. You can view some of them on YouTube or on your local Spanish cable channel. 

La Estudiantina
Música Ranchera
Vicente Fernandez
Alejandro Fernandez
Sin Bandera
Marco Antonio Solís
Las Telenovelas

Some Sheet Music for Mexican Traditional Songs

(In PDF - Adobe Acrobat is required to view.)

Cielito Lindo

México Lindo


Guantanamera (Not Mexican in origin)

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