El Museo de Las Momias

(The Museum of the Mummies)



       Some people may think that Mexicans have a strange obsession with death since they  celebrate "El Día de Los Muertos" (The Day of the Dead). However, this is a joyous occasion for them in which they remember their departed relatives on November 1st and 2nd.

       What may be more strange is that in Guanajuato, there is a museum with mummified human corpses on display! These cadavers were once buried in the municipal cemetery. Until the law was amended in 1858, if a grave site had not been paid after five years, the corpse was removed to make room for "new arrivals." Because of the mineral properties of the soil there, these mummies (the oldest is over 130 years old) were in excellent condition when they were exhumed. Skin, hair, fingernails, and even clothing are still in tact on some. The mummies include adults, as well as infants.     


       There were three mummies that were on display together, but I was not able to get a picture of them since they were lying flat on a display table in the middle of the room, and you had to walk around them to see them. (I would not have been able to get them all in the photo without climbing a ladder.) These were the most interesting of all the mummies on display because of their manner of death. One had been stabbed to death, and you could see the wounds still on the body. The second had drowned, and the skin on this one had a bluish color. The third had been buried alive! Evidently, this woman had had some sort of rare disease that makes one appear as if they are dead. They went ahead and buried her, and then she woke up inside the casket. Her arms and hands were by her face in a frozen scream. Too bad they didn't decide to exhume her body sooner!

       Since these mummies were not wrapped (as Egyptian mummies are), the photos below may not be for those with weak stomachs. But if you want to peek anyway, they are not that bad. They just look pretty dried up!  I only took a few photos, but I have also included a video from YouTube that someone else took at the Mummy Museum. 

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This guy was a doctor. 

(Dr. Frankenstein? Nope - wrong country!)


Rest in Peace. (Zzzzzz!)


A baby mummy.


The Mummy Line-Up! 

Do you recognize any of these from your nightmares?? 

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See more mummies in this video I found on YouTube. Just click on the player below to view. 


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