Mi Viaje a México 

(My Trip to Mexico)


San Miguel  de Allende
San Juan de los Lagos
La Música de México y más

I had the opportunity to visit Mexico for two weeks in July 2008. This website shows photos of some of the places I went during my vacation. Simply click on one of the cities listed above to view that city, or click on the link for "La Musica de México y Más" to learn about some of my favorite music and other things from Mexico. 

                The map above shows the state of Guanajuato (in purple) where I was. This area is in the heartland of the country, where men fought and died to create the United States of Mexico. Many of the colonial cities in this area are former gold and silver mining towns.  I stayed in the city of León with some friends.  León really isn't much of a sight-seeing city, but they are known as the shoe-making capital of Mexico, and they make a lot of other leather products. However, Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende were the main sight-seeing cities I visited, and they still make a lot of silver products. Guadalajara and San Juan de los Lagos were a couple of side trips we took. I hope you enjoy seeing the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.

                As you visit the sites of each city listed above, the links on the left will be in Spanish. Once you click on a link, you will see the translation of what you are viewing on that page. So don't let the Spanish deter you from clicking on a link. Think of it as a way of learning a little Spanish while visiting my website! I have been studying Spanish for a while now, so I wanted to include a little bit of the language for my friends who are also learning Spanish, as well as to make this site easy for my Spanish-speaking friends to navigate. 

                My goal with this site is to present my photos as an online scrapbook, with added links and other information for enrichment. I have also included some multimedia videos, as well as links to other websites, related to my experiences. The links will be scattered throughout this site. But I have also included a "Links" page where all links are listed for your convenience.                 

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