Los Mariachis

The Mariachis perform in El Jardin (The Garden) in the plaza of San Miguel de Allende.

At the end of our day of sight-seeing and shopping the flea markets in San Miguel, we stopped to hear the Mariachis perform a few songs in the plaza before heading back to León. It was the perfect way to end our day in San Miguel! Most everyone is familiar with a Mexican Mariachi band and it's music. Mariachi music originated in Guadalajara, in the Mexican state of Jalisco, but is now prevalent throughout Mexico. Mariachi music is not only meant to be sung, but also danced. Most of the songs are folk tunes and dances. To read more about the history of Mariachi music, click here to visit the Puro Mariachi website

                Typically, a Mariachi ensemble is composed of guitars, a bass guitar, violins, and trumpets. And usually the whole group sings as well. This Mariachi group I saw had four guitars (including bass guitar), four violins, and two trumpets (seen in the background). The trumpeters stood farther back from the rest of the group so they would blend. Since we were in San Miguel where there are a lot of English speakers, notice that there is one Caucasian guy in this Mariachi group when you watch the videos below.

                I took a couple of videos of some of their songs. The first song is "El Mariachi Loco Quiere Bailar" (The Crazy Mariachi Wants to Dance). They like to play the part on this one! The second song is the familiar tune "Cielito Lindo" (Beautiful Sky). On this song, the guy playing the bass guitar sings the verse, and the others join in on the chorus. However, since this was outside without amplification, you unfortunately can't hear the soloist very well. Enjoy!

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Sheet Music for Cielito Lindo (in PDF)

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