El Centro de León

(The Downtown of León)

                Most all Mexican cities have a central plaza in the downtown area with a cathedral or multiple cathedrals, a fountain, and the city's local government buildings. Hotels, shops, restaurants, and other businesses are also located here. The central plaza is where everyone goes to meet friends, hang out, or just take a stroll as they would through the park. Below are some of the photos from downtown León and the plaza. 

This huge fountain in the downtown plaza of León has lions, the city symbol, in the center of the base.


Another view of the central plaza and fountain. One of the towers of the cathedral is seen in the background.


This is the municipal government building.



One of the churches in the downtown plaza is located beside the municipal building. I thought that the interior of this one was the most beautiful of all the churches I saw in León.


The altar inside this same church. The lighting is not very good since every time I went there, it was around sunset. So I had a difficult time getting a decent picture. This was the best I could get, but the colors are not as vibrant as they were in person. I loved the light blue and gold color combination.


One of the paintings on the wall in this same church. The inscription reads: "El Cuerpo de San Sebastián es Conducido a las Catacumbas." (The body of Saint Sebastian is taken to the catacombs.)


The sidewalks of downtown with a view of the cathedral in the background.


A close up view of one of the towers of the cathedral.


Another view of the central plaza.


The Mexican flag flies in the plaza.


Another view of the cathedral and dome. 


A nearby building with interesting architecture.


A closer view of the front of the cathedral.


The towers of the cathedral.


Another cathedral near the downtown area.

Inside yet another church.

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