Las Calles de León

(The Streets of León)

                The streets of León were very interesting since there were a lot of traffic circles throughout the city.  I think that this was a great idea to keep traffic flowing and to decrease the need for so many stop lights. There were also a lot of speed bums, more so than stop signs. The speed bums would be located just before an intersection or a traffic circle so you would have to slow down. But if the way was clear, you could just keep going and not have to stop completely. Traffic always flowed counter-clockwise around the traffic circle, and then you would just exit the circle at whichever street you needed to take. There were stop lights at busier and larger intersections. And some streets were marked with lines, while others were not. The streets were also pretty clean, and I sometimes saw people sweeping the sides of the streets. Below are some photos I took of some of the the streets of León.                

The arch with the lion on a traffic circle near downtown León.


A downtown street with a view of the cathedral in the background.


This building was the public library and opera house in León. I went by here several times, but I never got to stop and go inside.


A view outside a buffet restaurant where we ate one afternoon. I loved the huge palm trees!



A typical traffic circle in León.


This street had a park down the middle of it, with sidewalks, benches, and trees. Lovely!

This street was featured in the movie "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" (2003, starring Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek, and Johnny Depp). Many scenes from this movie were filmed in the streets of León.

A street leading into the city. You can see the mountains of the Sierra de Lobos in the background. The city is situated in the valley.




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