Guadalajara, México 

Las Calles y La Plaza Central

La Catedral
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Guadalajara was a side trip I took one day with my friends. It was about a three hour drive from León and is in the state of Jalisco (pronounced Hah-'lee-skoh). So we were only able to spend the afternoon there. Consequently, I didn't get to see very much, and Guadalajara is such a large city anyway. (It is the third largest city in Mexico.) I mainly got to see the downtown area and the central plaza. 

                    In the late afternoon, we stopped at an outdoor restaurant to get something to drink. They had a stage set up with live entertainment.  Guadalajara is the birthplace of Mariachi music, and there was a ranchera singer performing while we were there, whom I got to meet after he performed. There were also dancers performing traditional dances, as seen in the photo above, and in the photos below. Afterwards, we shopped some of the flea markets for souvenirs and then left for home.


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