Las Iglesias de Guanajuato

(The Churches of Guanajuato)

The Basilica Colegiata de Nuestra Señora de Guanajuato (Basilica of Our Lady of Guanajuato) is a 17th-century Baroque church located near the University of Guanajuato. Inside is Mexico's oldest Christian statue, a jeweled 8th-century Virgin, which was a gift from King Philip II of Spain in 1557. The church was under construction when I visited (as seen above), so I didn't get to go inside.

The Temple of the Company of Jesus, or La Compañía, is a churrigueresque-style church built by the Jesuit Order in the 18th century. It is adjacent to the University of Guanajuato and is the largest church in the city.


Another view inside La Compañía.

A view of the Neo-Classical style dome of La Compañía taken from a back patio of the University of Guanajuato. The dome was built in the mid-19th century.


La Iglesia de San Diego (The Temple of San Diego) was inaugurated in 1784 and is constructed in the style of the Spanish architect, Churriguera. This church is located beside the Juarez Theater. 


La Valenciana, officially called La Iglesia de San Cayetano, is one of the best-known colonial churches in all of Mexico. 

The mid- to late-18th century pink stone facade is very ornate. 

Inside are three altars, each hand-carved in wood and gilded in gold. The altars are in three different styles: plateresque, churrigueresque, and Baroque. I am not sure which altar is which, but this photo is of the center altar.


The right altar.



The left altar.


A photo of the dome of La Valenciana.

Another photo of the ceiling. 


One of the paintings on the wall.


Another painting.


Yet another painting. (The white spots are the sunlight shining on it.)

A view of the center altar and arches.


A view of the surrounding area outside La Valenciana. Down below, street vendors were selling silver jewelry and other goods made in this mining city.

Another view of the mountains from La Valenciana.

This zoomed-in view shows the new campus of the University of Guanajuato in the distance (center).

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