Las Calles y Los Túneles de Guanajuato

(The Streets and the Tunnels of Guanajuato)

The streets in Guanajuato include regular highways leading into the city. But once you get inside the city, there are cobblestone streets and alleys, many of which are tunnels that run underground. 

The highway leading into Guanajuato.


Approaching a tunnel.


A view into a Guanajuato tunnel.


We thought that this truck was going to get stuck in the tunnel, but it didn't.



Click on the player above to see a video of what it's like riding through one of these tunnels! I didn't take this video. I just found it on YouTube and decided to add it here. The second video is by a couple visiting Guanajuato that shows some pretty streets and activities, among other sites such as the Mercado Hidalgo (Hidalgo Market), the University, and views from the Pípila monument.


One of the plazas in Guanajuato. There is not one central plaza in this city, but several smaller plazas.

Another view of the same plaza from a different angle.


A view down one of the cobblestone streets.


A view down another street.


This side street was more like an alley with stairs. We stopped here to get a snack of gorditas from a street vendor after visiting El Museo de las Momias.

A castle in Guanajuato.


This woman was selling handmade dolls outside the Hidalgo Market. I bought some of these as souvenirs. The Hidalgo Market is quite a bustling place inside. Here you can buy anything you need here from fresh produce and baskets, to clothing and souvenirs.

El Teatro Principal (The Main Theater).


El Teatro Juarez (The Juarez Theater). Note the line of Greek statues on the roof. Across the street from this theater is the Jardín Unión (Union Garden). The Juarez Theater is considered one of the most beautiful in the country.

Another view of the front of El Teatro Juarez. This theater was inaugurated in 1903 with a performance of the opera, Aďda. I did not get to see inside since it was not open, but here is a link to a photo of the inside. Gorgeous!

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