Las Calles y La Plaza Central en Guadalajara

(The Streets and the Downtown Plaza in Guadalajara)

I visited the Centro Histórico (historic downtown) of Guadalajara. Below are a few of the sights I saw.

It was common to see horse and carriages as we approached the downtown area. They were available to take you for a ride for a fee. However, we parked and walked to the places we went.

Another street scene with a carriage ride.


The Palacio Municipal (Guadalajara's City Hall, or municipal building).

The gazebo in front of the municipal building.


A view of the cathedral in the distance.


Another busy street scene. There were a lot of pedestrians in this bustling city.


The Teatro Degollado (Degollado Theater) which was inaugurated in 1866. It is modeled after Milan's La Scala. The theater is home to the Jalisco Philharmonic and the University of Guadalajara's Ballet Folclórico.


A closer shot of the relief sculpture on the front of the Teatro Degollado.


A view down the long Plaza Tapatía.

A view of the fountain in the plaza.

At the end of the plaza is the Instituto Cultural Cabañas. This cultural center was designed by Spanish architect-sculptor, Manuel Tolsá. It was originally a shelter for widows, the elderly, and orphans, but now displays art exhibits. The main chapel contains murals by José Clemente Orozco, including his masteripece, The Man of Fire. Over to the right of the Iinstituto, we took a break at an outdoor restaurant.

A building we passed along the plaza with interesting architecture.

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