La Catedral en Guadalajara

(The Cathedral in Guadalajara)

The Cathedral in downtown Guadalajara was begun in 1561 and consecrated in 1618. It has a mixture of Baroque, Gothic, and other styles, and is identified by its twin towers. Ten of the silver and gold altars were gifts from King Fernando VII for Guadalajara's financial support of Spain during the Napoleonic Wars. Some of the world's most beautiful altarpieces are found here. In a section closed to the public is Bartolomé Esteban Murrillo's priceless 17th-century painting, The Assumption of the Virgin. In a loft above the main entrance is a magnificent late-19th-century French organ. Below are a few photos I took.

A view of the front of the Catedral and fountain on the left.

Another view of the twin towers.

A single tower and dome from a side entrance.

A view of the altar. Note the beautiful stained glass! I wish I could have gotten more photos inside this cathedral. However, the lighting was very poor, and I was lucky to be able to get this one shot of the inside.

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