La Biblioteca Pública de     

San Miguel de Allende

(The Public Library of San Miguel de Allende)

This section is dedicated to the Public Library of San Miguel. This was the first place we saw in San Miguel, and the library was gorgeous! I wish I could work in a library like this! Since San Miguel has a lot of English-speakers, the library has books in both English and Spanish. The public library of San Miguel is considered one of the best bilingual libraries in Mexico. The library also has a café, open courtyards, and a music collection in support of the area arts. Click here to visit the library's website and read more about the library's history and services.

Upon entering the library from the street, you walk into this open courtyard with a fountain in the center. 

Over to the right was the Reference Desk. The sign above the bookcase says "Bibliotecario" or "Librarian." 


On the opposite side of the open courtyard is where the popular fiction section was located. I just love the mural above the bookcase. If you went up the stairs to the right, there was the café. There were also more stairs that led to several patios on the second floor.

Another view of the fiction section. At the opposite end was a small computer lab with maybe eight or ten computers in the room.


One of the patios where you could read and have a snack.


Another library patio.

If you walked straight through the entrance courtyard with the fountain through this passageway, you found the main library collections inside on the right. The music collections were on the left.

A view inside the library from the front door.


Another view inside the library from the opposite end. If you look through the entrance toward the back, you can see the door to the music room. The book stacks looked very similar in both rooms.

A look into the book stacks.


Towards the back of the library was the Quetzal (pronounced KAYT-sahl) room, which appears to have been set up for a presentation. This room contains books on the Americas, including indigenous materials, historical records, and other references. All the walls were covered in these colorful murals.

A view of the opposite end of the Quetzal room. Notice the grand piano (covered up) in front of the fireplace.


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