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                Alejandro Fernández, son of ranchera singer Vicente Fernández, was born in Guadalajara. When I visited Guadalajara, we passed by his ranch along the interstate just before entering the city. Alejandro's roots are in ranchera music. However, he has branched out to perform other types of music including Latin pop, some jazz, and even a little classical. He has not attempted to be a cross-over artist in the U.S. as Marc Anthony, Enrique Iglesias, and others have done because he has such a deep love of his own country and ranchera music. To read more about Alejandro, visit the Alejandro Fernández official website. Be sure to read his biography and to see the video of his performance of Granada by Agustin Lara at the Bellas Artes in Mexico City.

                Alejandro's voice has been described by his fans as velvety, sensuous, and the most beautiful male voice in the world. He is my favorite Mexican singer! He has amazing vocal ability, but it is not always demonstrated in all of his songs. He gave a concert in Madrid, Spain, in 2005 that was, in my opinion, his best performance ever. The concert selections showed off his ability and versatility between different genres. To see songs from this concert, click on the player below. To skip over a song, simply mouse over the player, and click on one of the side arrows to go forward or back. Or, select a song from the list of links below the player to view individual songs on YouTube. (I would also encourage you to watch these videos now as Alejandro's videos of this particular concert tend to disappear quickly on YouTube due to copyright. If you are unable to access a video, you will know why!)

Click on the player above to see a mini-concert of eight videos from his Madrid concert.

Or select an individual video from the list below.

Song Title Description
"Canta Corazón" This Latin pop hit was the opening number for the concert. Upbeat and fun.
"Abrázame" This song was originally written and performed by Julio Iglesias in the 1970's. Alejandro has done a ranchera version of this song. But in this concert, he does a jazz arrangement of it, which I think is the best version of all. This one is a must see!
"Popurrí Juan Gabriel" This is a medley of three songs by Mexican singer songwriter Juan Gabriel. The three songs are: "Ya lo se que tú te vas" (my favorite), "La differencia," and "Te sigo amando."
"Tantita Pena" Alejandro has done a ranchera version of this song. But in this concert, he invites a couple of local musicians to join him, and they do a flamenco arrangement of it. This one is another must see!
"Qué Voy a Hacer Con Mi Amor" Beautiful Latin pop hit. 
"Como Quien Pierde una Estrella" Rumba flamenco arrangement of this song. Performed as a duet with Diego Cigala, a popular singer in Spain.
"El Rey" Very popular ranchera hit. On this song and the next one, Alejandro really shines! Another must see!
"México Lindo y Querido" Another popular ranchera and mariachi hit. This was his closing song of the concert and is another must see!


Below are some other videos of Alejandro from his website and on YouTube that may be of interest.

Song Title Description
"Granada" Song from Alejandro's website. This well-known song was written by Mexican composer, Agustin Lara, and performed at the Bellas Artes in Mexico City. A must see!
"Bésame Mucho" From a concert in Monterey, Mexico, in which he performed with Placido Domingo and José Carreras. Alejandro was asked to stand in for Pavoratti since Pavoratti was sick with laryngitis. Here the three sing this song together.
"Guadalajara / Ay, Jalisco No Te Rajes" Alejandro performs solo in the same concert. These two songs were combined in a medley.
"Loco" A young Alejandro performs this ranchera hit (abbreviated version) live at the first annual Latin Grammy Awards.
"Matalas" Live performance of an upbeat and fun ranchera hit.
"En el Jardín" Latin pop duet with Gloria Estefan.
"Amor de los Dos" Ranchera duet with his father, Vicente Fernández.


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